04 April 2006

Twins baseball!

It's the top of the sixth and the Twins are down 3-1. Supernatural looked really good early on, but he gave up a few big hits in the fourth. But it's okay. It's the first game. And at least he's not doing what Barry Zito did last night. Yikes! I watched that game partly because I was itching for some baseball and partly because I think Barry Zito is freakin' hot. He is a Republican, but hey. It's not like I'm going to date him or anything. He's just nice to look at.

So, I should really be in a good mood because it was gorgeous today. The Twins are playing. And ... I'm sure there are other reasons, but at the moment I can't remember them. 'Cause I'm crabby now.

I had a call from my aunt toward the end of the work day. It seems that she and my uncle are going to take their son out of town this weekend and their daughter will be staying in town. And I had said more than a month ago that I would stay with her while they were gone. However, my aunt had also told me that she'd let me know for sure within a week or so. With all the stuff that had been going on, I'd kind of forgotten about it. Actually, my mom just reminded me of it over the weekend. But I'd not heard anything from my aunt, so I figured that the whole family was going to go away for the weekend.

For some reason, this whole thing made me crabby. I think it is mainly because I was hoping that Whatshisfuckingface would be home and I could spend Saturday night with him. Quite frankly, I should know better. I know that's not going to happen. Shit, I don't even know when he comes home from Florida. The possibility is gone, though. I'd also made tentative plans with some friends to go to a swanky hip hop club Downtown, too. I didn't really want to go, again, because of the potential of the Whatshisfuckingface thing. Though, that kind of place just is not my scene any longer. It astounds me that I would go to places like that every weekend five or six years ago. I may not have even gone. I might have just stayed home and done nothing, and I guess just having the option taken away from me is what's making me cranky.

But I said I would do it. This is family. Plus, I'll be saving money instead of spending it on expensive drinks and ridiculous cover charges.

Johan just got pulled. But the Twins are only down 4-1 in the sixth (I think it's the sixth). That's a totally doable comeback right there.

I'm going to see Maria Taylor and Mates of State tomorrow at the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown. That is fast becoming one of my favorite venues in the city. It's beautiful inside and the sound is excellent. I'm going to the show with a friend of Girl Chris. She seems nice. I've barely gotten a chance to know her, so this will be a good opportunity for that. Maybe I'll have a new show friend. The weekend is still having an effect on me, so I'm tired all day at work and so I'm kind of ... blah ... about going to the show. But if I go, I'll have a good time. It's just a matter of getting there.

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