25 April 2006

There's nothing like a trip to the MAC store.

As many times as I bitch about how much it sucks to be a girl, there are days like today that make me really happy that I am one. Earlier in the day I wasn't in the best of moods; mostly for reasons relating to being of the female persuasion. Go figure. However, I'd amassed six empty MAC containers and I needed to recycle them and get a new lipstick. I felt and looked like ass when I got off the bus and walked in to the store. At first, I thought I wasn't really going to get any help. But that all changed very quickly.

One of the problems I have when I go in to get a new, free lippie is that I have more MAC lipstick than I know what to do with at this point. When I'm left to my own devices, I start grabbing shades that I like, only to find out, "I already have that one." Lucky me, they had new shades in, so that problem was averted.

With a matching lip liner picked out, I decided to ask about the under-eye cover-up I'd bought a couple of weeks ago. The girl that helped me was so lovely. She found a new one for me, and proceeded to fix up the rest of my face as well. I'd noticed earlier that I was really dry and flakey. Who knows why. The changing weather? Walking around the lake in the wind yesterday? Too much Proactiv? Probably a combo of all three. Whatever the reason, she (I wish I knew her name!) spritzed me with a hydrating mist that felt lovely and put some Moistureblend foundation on me with the softest brush ever. It felt so good. And she was so sweet.

I truly felt like a new woman when I left. I spent $44 that I really shouldn't have. But I feel good, which is pretty important. I needed the pick-me-up because I won't be hitting yoga tonight. There are many errands to be run and I don't think I'll accomplish everything in the next hour and 20 minutes. Speaking of errands, I should be off.

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