16 April 2006

Busy, busy.

So many shows, so little time and money. I think I've made good choices. The Strokes and Eagles of Death Metal were excellent. The Stills were good and Elbow was once again the closest to a religious experience as I will ever have. Tomorrow night is South. Then Death Cab and Franz Ferdinand on Thursday. I love concert season!

It seems like it is church season, too. We went down to Rochester to go to Easter Mass with Sister Noreen at Assisi Heights today. Goodness, but there are a lot of old nuns there. We have a wedding on Saturday and then Kain's First Communion is the first weekend in May. I can't believe he's that age already. Where have the years gone?

Whatshisfuckingface is going to move to South Africa. This will be the first break-up I've gone through that wasn't because things weren't working. Life is all about timing, though, I guess. And the timing was just wrong for us. I'm having bad days and okay days. I'll get over him. It's just knowing that I have to deal with this and knowing how much it will hurt that is hanging over my head like a storm cloud.

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