10 April 2006

Ah, yes. This is why I love Minneapolis.

Lord almighty, what a lovely day today. It's still above 70 right now. The winters here are pretty rough, even when it isn't especially cold and snowy. It's the gray that gets to you. I couldn't even imagine living in Seattle. I'm enjoying a lovely gin and tonic right now. Too bad I'm not out on the deck, but it's getting dark out.

I went for a walk around Lake Calhoun yesterday in the morning and it was about halfway around the lake when the big reminder of why I live in Minneapolis hit me. If you can make it through the winter, the first few nice days of Spring are such a reward. It takes a few days to get over the winter habits, but I think after today, I'm cured. And then it'll all seem like a bad dream until ... October or so.

This is my first week of the big concert season. Yet another reason where I'm reminded that Minneapolis kicks so much ass. Tomorrow night I'm seeing The Strokes with Eagles of Death Metal. Friday night it's The Stills and Saturday is Elbow. I've been waiting so long for that show. I can't wait.

Thank God for this good weather. I found out yesterday that South Africa is a very real possibility yet for Whatshisfuckingface. Actually, in my mind, it's a done deal. He probably doesn't like that I'm treating the situation the way I am, but I've got to deal with it in my own way. Back in February when he went to visit the camp, I was a mess. This time, though, I am handling it much better. And I'm really not sure why.

Yeah, I'm going to be hurt. I'm beyond sad. And I'm even a little mad. But what can I do? This is his decision to make and it's something he feels like he has to do; he feels like this is what he's meant to do. Who am I to interfere with that? If it's meant to be, we'll both be single when he gets back. If not, it all happened for a reason. That's all I really have to hold on to at the moment.

But the weather is nice and I have shows to see, so my life doesn't seem completely hopeless.

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