28 March 2006

Slight change of plans.

The day ended up kinda cool and cloudy, so we decided to skip the walk around the lake. Instead, Carrie and I went to the Neko Case in-store at the Electric Fetus. They started a little late, but it was worth standing in there as it got warmer and warmer.

I wish I had the money to go to her show tomorrow night at First Ave. But there are so many shows coming up in the next month that I can only go to some of them. And I'm going to Robert Pollard on Thursday. Sorry, Neko. At least I got to see the in-store. Her voice is so beautiful. And she's pretty easy on the eyes, too. I guess she was supposed to be on The Current yesterday. However, her wallet was stolen and she had to cancel. Poor thing! She said she'd been on a plane all day today.

After fighting with my stupid camera to try to get the stupid zoom to work, I took a few pictures.

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