26 March 2006

The joys of doing laundry in an apartment.

Now, I know I'm hardly alone in my laundry-related trials and tribulations. But that doesn't mean that I'm going to keep quiet about them.

I've been in the new apartment for less than a month, but I've already had a few laundry-related issues with the people who live here. There are only four apartments and I think all but one are occupied by one person. There's only one washer and one dryer, which is kind of a pain. But there are only a handful of people living here, so it makes sense.

In my first week here, I went to do laundry after work and there were clothes in the washer and clothes on top of the dryer. I really, really hate taking people's clothes out of the washer or dryer. So, I waited. And waited. And waited. After three hours, I finally sucked it up and took the clothes out.

These were definitely a guy's clothes. Yesterday, it was more of the same. A guy's clothes in the washer, clothes in a hamper on the floor next to the dryer and clothes on top of the dryer. I think I waited an hour or so before taking the clothes out. I went down to do a couple of loads of towels this evening and the clothes were all still sitting there, more than 24 hours later. Wow.

Unfortunately, when I went down to see if my towels were dry an hour ago, they were out of the dryer and wet in my laundry basket. Nice. They couldn't have been sitting for very long. Shoot, I thought there was still time on the dryer. And guess what? The clothes on the table that I removed from the washer yesterday were gone. I imagine they're in the dryer. Yay!

At least now I know that I should have no mercy when it comes to taking someone's stuff out if it is done.

I hate people.

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